Waste gas treatment equipment

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Light oxygen catalytic waste gas treatment equipment

Working principle of photo catalytic equipment
The use of high energy and high ozone ultraviolet light irradiation UV gas special, cracking industrial waste such as: the molecular chain structure of ammonia and trimethylamine, hydrogen sulfide, dimethyl sulfide hydrogen, methyl mercaptan and dimethyl sulfide, butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, two methyl two sulfur, carbon disulfide and styrene, H2S, VOC, sulfide, benzene, toluene and xylene the organic or inorganic polymer molecular chain of odorous compounds, in high-energy ultraviolet light irradiation, the degradation into low molecular compounds, such as CO2, H2O etc.. The use of high energy and high ozone UV ultraviolet beam decomposition of oxygen molecules in the air to produce free oxygen, that is, reactive oxygen species due to free oxygen carrying positive and negative electron imbalance, so the need to combine with oxygen molecules, and then produce ozone. UV + O2 * O-+O * (reactive oxygen) O+O2 = O3 (ozone), as we all know, ozone has a strong oxidation of organic compounds, industrial waste gases and other irritating odor has an immediate removal effect. The use of industrial waste gas exhaust equipment into the purification equipment, purification equipment using high energy UV light beam and ozone on industrial waste gas CO oxidation reaction, the degradation of industrial waste gas into water and carbon dioxide, low molecular compounds, and then through the exhaust pipe is discharged to the outdoors. The molecular bonds of bacteria in industrial waste gases are cracked by high-energy UV beams, and nucleic acid (DNA) of bacteria is destroyed, and then the oxidation is carried out by ozone to achieve the purpose of purifying and killing bacteria. Considering the air purification efficiency, we chose the -C band of ultraviolet and ozone combined with high corona current device, using the principle of pulse corona adsorption technology combining the harmful gas is eliminated, the ultraviolet -C is mainly used to remove hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, acetone, ethyl acetate, ethylene oxide, urine alkane, resin and other gases, the organic materials into inorganic materials.
The purification device consists of primary filter unit, -C band ultraviolet device, degradation collection, ozone generator and filter unit and other components and components.
Characteristics of photocatalytic oxidation treatment
(1) without any side effects. Completely beyond the traditional treatment device, can be in the presence of the presence of continuous sterilization, dust removal, non-toxic side effects on the human body. Can kill in the air to intercept a broad spectrum of various bacteria, tested against Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus subtilis var and natural bacteria killing rate reached more than 99.9%, the effective removal of inhalable particles, reached 1-10 million level of cleanliness.
(2) eliminate the peculiar smell of harmful gases, accelerate the primary electrons in the electric field and hit the oxygen molecules in the air. When the energy exceeds the ionization potential of oxygen molecules, oxygen molecules ionize rapidly. Loss of oxygen molecules into electronic positive oxygen ions (O2+), and the release of electronic and other neutral oxygen molecules into negative oxygen ion (O2-), the result is the two level of differentiation and oxygen ion adsorption of oxygen molecules to form O2+, O2-, O2 and other oxygen aggregation with ionic groups. Strong oxidation, can be in a very short period of time will pollute the harmful components in the air oxidation of decomposed into harmless products and water; O2+e (3.6eV), O+O H2O+e (5.09eV), OH+HO+, OH, OH2
(3) the study showed that the oxidation potential (2.8eV) of reactive radical OH was 35% higher than that of strongly oxidized ozone (2.07eV). • OH radicals react with organic matter several orders of magnitude faster. Moreover, the reaction of OH free radicals to oxidizing pollutants is non selective and can lead to a chain reaction that directly oxidizes most of the harmful substances in the polluted air to carbon dioxide and water or minerals.

Photocatalytic oxygen catalytic equipment performance advantages

(1) removing stench: can effectively remove volatile organic compounds (VOC), the main pollutants of inorganic compounds, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and malodorous gas deodorization efficiency up to 99% or more, the deodorization effect greatly exceed the national emission standards promulgated in 1993 (GB14554-93) and odor pollution matter issued in 1996 "integrated emission standard of air pollutants" (GB16297-1996).
(2) do not need to add any material: only need to set the corresponding exhaust duct and exhaust power, so that odor / industrial waste gas through this equipment deodorization, decomposition and purification, without adding any substance to participate in chemical reactions
(3) adaptability: photocatalytic waste gas treatment equipment can adapt to high concentration, atmospheric quantity, deodorization and purification of different industrial waste gases. It can work continuously for 24 hours every day. It is stable and reliable
(4) low operation cost: light oxygen catalytic waste gas treatment equipment without any mechanical action, no noise, no special management and daily maintenance, only for regular inspection, the equipment of low energy consumption, low equipment resistance less than 400pa, can save a lot of fan power consumption.
(5) the equipment is small in size and light in weight; it is suitable for the special conditions of compact layout and narrow space.
(6) high quality imported material: high fireproof and corrosion resistance, safe and stable equipment performance, stainless steel material, equipment life of more than fifteen years.
(7) using the international advanced technology concept, can completely decompose toxic and harmful substances in industrial waste gas, and can achieve the perfect effect of removing odor, purification, the decomposition of the industrial waste gas, can fully meet the harmless emissions, does not have two pollution, at the same time, the role of sterilization.
(8) equipment is safe, explosion-proof properties, explosion-proof explosion-proof electrical products have passed the national quality supervision and inspection center certification, can be widely used in the oil (gas) field, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries with high explosion-proof requirements.
Applicable range of photocatalytic oxygen treatment technology
Kraft pulp, oil refining, petrochemical, coking, gas, waste treatment, pharmaceutical, pesticide, synthetic resin, synthetic fiber, rubber, nitrogen, nitrate, coking, manure processing, meat processing, aquatic products processing, food ingredients, flavors, animal products processing, leather, glue, paint, solvent, ink printing, garbage disposal pharmaceutical industry, etc..