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Plasma equipment

Plasma work principle
Plasma is the fourth states of matter after the solid, liquid and gas, when the applied voltage reaches the discharge voltage of gas, gas breakdown, produce mixture including electron, ions, atoms and free radicals. Although the electron temperature is very high in the discharge process, the temperature of heavy particles is very low, and the whole system shows a low temperature state, so it is called low-temperature plasma.
The plasma technology currently has four kinds of technology, dielectric barrier discharge (double medium, Dan Jiezhi), the tip discharge (metal, fiber), plate discharge, microwave discharge, the application also adopts the combination mode. Under the influence of external electric field, the medium to produce a large number of articles can discharge the pollutant molecular electron bombardment, ionization, dissociation and excitation, and then triggered a series of complex physical and chemical reaction, make complex macromolecules into simple small molecule material safety, or toxic and harmful substances into non-toxic or low toxic low harmful substances, so that the degradation and removal of pollutants can be. Because of the average electron energy produced by ionization in 10ev, it is very difficult to achieve chemical reactions under normal conditions or slow reactions in general under the conditions of proper control of reaction conditions. As a new and high technology with strong potential advantages in the field of environmental pollution treatment, plasma has attracted much attention from related disciplines both at home and abroad. (Note: low temperature plasma belongs to normal temperature operation relative to high temperature plasma)
Deodorization process and characteristics of plasma organic waste gas treatment equipment:
I. deodorization process
(1) pre filtration: through the air filter effective filtration, in order to enhance the exhaust gas cleanliness and the ion oxygen purification exhaust gas effect.
(2) oxidation deodorant: used to further remove the complex odor.
After the gas pre filtering was introduced into high concentration oxygen ion region, and oxygen ion swarm, oxygen ion group will smell caused by degradation of pollutants into carbon dioxide and water and other small molecules, after cleaning the air through the ventilation pipe into the atmosphere.
二、Deodorizing features
(1) high efficiency;
Ionic oxygen deodorizing device can effectively remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ammonia (NH3), methyl mercaptan and other specific pollutants, as well as a variety of different (odor) odor, the effect can reach more than 90%.
(2) safe and reliable, low energy consumption;
Adopting high tech ion oxygen generator and controller, the utility model has the advantages of small wind resistance, long service life and minimal power consumption
(3) the principle of pure physical method
The oxidation reaction was carried out at normal temperature and pressure without two pollution.
(4) automatic operation of equipment;
No special management, convenient management, very low operating costs, and suitable for intermittent operation, there are manual and automatic two control modes.
(5) small size and light weight
The utility model has the advantages of small occupation area, and is suitable for the reconstruction projects with special conditions such as compact arrangement and narrow space.
(6) complete sets of equipment, easy installation;
The basic process of removing pollutants by plasma
Process 1: direct bombardment of energetic electrons
Process two: oxidation of O atoms or ozone
O2+e to 2O
Process three: oxidation of OH radicals
H2O+e to OH+H
H2O+O to 2OH
H+O2 to OH+O
Process four: molecular fragmentation + oxygen reaction

Technical characteristics of plasma organic waste gas purification equipment
(1) plasma organic waste gas purification equipment in national patent technology and confidential and proprietary technology, equipment and technical performance stable and reliable by taste testing, this technology can reach more than 80% and the removal rate of odor.
(2) a high degree of automation, simple process, simple operation, convenient, no regeneration of raw materials, no special person responsible, no two pollution, replacement and maintenance is convenient, in case of failure, automatic shutdown alarm.
(3) a wide range of adaptation, capital investment is lower than the traditional purification equipment
(4) power consumption is lower than other technologies
(5) does not need any warm-up time, occupies the space to be small
(6) not only can reduce the power consumption of plasma, but also can control the formation of harmful by-products, and do not produce any liquid excretion
(7) the modular mode is easy to remove and transport
(8) in the environment of high temperature 70 C and low temperature -20 DEG C, the purification zone can be operated, especially in the humid and even air humidity saturated environment.
(9) the service life of the equipment is long. The equipment consists of stainless steel, alloy, epoxy resin and so on. It has strong oxidation resistance and is resistant to corrosion in acid gas. The service life is more than 10 years.
(10) it has the function of dust removal and sterilization, and needs minimal maintenance.
(11) low temperature plasma equipment has a strong combination: it can be mixed in series and parallel, and can play an obvious advantage when dealing with high concentration odor gas.

Advantages of plasma waste gas treatment equipment
(1) corrosion resistant electrode material can be used for long time oxidation under the condition of ionization
(2) the dielectric layer is made of high-purity material, which reduces the electrification voltage of micro discharge.
(3) special processing technology is adopted to ensure the uniformity of discharge along the surface.

Application of plasma technology in Environmental Engineering
Large thermal power plants, cigarette factories, textile mills, printing mills, paper mills, iron and steel works, cement plants, etc.. Control waste gas and odorous gas fields, such as sewage, garbage treatment plant, pumping station, petrochemical plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical factory, cigarette factory, essence factory, slaughterhouse and so on. Air purification, such as hospitals, hotels, catering, entertainment, travel, air VOCs and other public places, waiting room and office, family, car, laboratory and other industries have also increased, these emissions will not only stay in the atmosphere longer time will drift and diffusion to distant places. To cause serious environmental pollution, the exhaust gas inhalation, directly to the people's health harm; no emissions to the atmospheric environment deterioration in global industrial gas, acid rain (mainly from industrial emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides) harm caused the attention of all countries. The acidification of the atmosphere has led to the destruction of the ecological environment and the frequent occurrence of major disasters, which has caused great losses to mankind. Therefore, it is imperative to choose an economic and feasible treatment method.