Waste gas treatment equipment

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Photo ionization equipment

Photoionization catalytic treatment is a kind of device which can remove toxic and harmful gases and malodorous gases. Is the perfect combination of plasma decomposition of waste gas purifier +UV light deodorizing exhaust purifier two devices, combined advantages of using a combination of plasma exhaust gas purifier and UV catalytic deodorizing exhaust purifier of two kinds of equipment made by plasma decomposition and UV UV photolysis technique combining of exhaust gas and odor purification, synergy! The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, low running cost, small occupation of the equipment, light weight, no mechanical action, no noise, etc. the purification efficiency of the plasma photolysis integrated machine is above 95%. It is the best exhaust gas purification equipment in the market at present.

Working principle
When the exhaust gas into the plasma photolysis machine cleaning equipment when first passes through the plasma chemical reaction process, namely the first electronic gain energy from the electric field, the transfer of energy to the atoms or molecules to obtain the excitation or ionization, molecular or atomic energy is excited, while some molecules are ionized, thus becoming active groups; after each other the collision between these active groups and atoms or molecules, active group and active group after the formation of stable products and heat. (under the influence of external electric field, the medium to produce a large number of articles can discharge the pollutant molecular electron bombardment, ionization, dissociation and excitation, and then triggered a series of complex physical and chemical reaction, make complex macromolecules into simple small molecule material safety, or the change of toxic and harmful substances into harmless or low toxicity harmful substances, so that the degradation and removal of pollutants can be. )
Then, some organic waste gases are decomposed into non-toxic, harmless and tasteless gases through destruction, decomposition and catalytic oxidation. The high-energy C band is used to crack the polluted gas molecule chain and change the molecular structure of the material. The polymer pollutants are cracked and oxidized into low molecular harmless substances such as water and carbon dioxide. O3 strong catalytic oxidant for catalytic oxidation of waste gas can effectively kill bacteria, toxic and harmful substances will be destroyed and changed into low molecular harmless substances. In C band, laser stimulated catalyst coating produces activity and strengthens catalytic oxidation. To generate high ozone ultraviolet light UV decomposition of oxygen molecules in the air free oxygen produced in the decomposition process, namely, active oxygen, free oxygen carried by the electron positron imbalance so the need to combine with oxygen molecules, and produce ozone. UV+O2 - O-+O* (reactive oxygen) O+O2 to O3 (ozone), as we all know, ozone has a strong oxidation of organic compounds, and has a strong scavenging effect on malodorous gases and other irritating odors. O3 exhaust gas catalytic oxidation for strong catalytic oxidation agent, molecular bonding, bacterial lysis in the malodorous gas, destroy bacterial nucleic acid (DNA), and then through the ozone oxidation reaction, thus achieves the deodorization and sterilization purpose.

Technological advantage
1, the processing efficiency is several times other light sources.
2, equipment covers an area of small, light quality.
3, maintenance free: the whole set of long service life, without artificial special care and maintenance.
4, energy saving: equipment operation process, equipment operation only electricity, the real sense of energy conservation and environmental protection.
5, stability: all parts of the machine belong to the continuous material, apply to 24 hours uninterrupted operation. 6, security: the main circuit independent space, no security risks.
Application range
Mainly used in chemical industry, papermaking industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, tire and rubber production factory, automobile production, paint spraying, sewage treatment, sludge treatment of waste gas, waste gas, waste disposal industry, leather printing, rubber industry, spices and other spices, fish feed and farms, pesticide production and tobacco industry etc. a number of areas of the smell and odor treatment.
Involving more than 900 kinds of gas substances, including: benzene, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia nitrogen, mercaptan, sulfur, indole, nitro, hydrocarbons, aldehydes and various solvents and other categories.