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Prevention and control technology of several main waste gases

I. particulate matter
Solid particles in the air are mainly derived from ground dust, construction, industrial production, and fuel combustion. Dust produced by fuel and other materials, such as smoke and dust and industrial production, is the main object of pollution prevention and control. There are mainly two kinds of tying measures. One is to change the composition of fuel, improve combustion methods, improve fuel utilization, to reduce emissions of particulate matter. For example, hydroelectric power is used instead of thermal power. Two is the installation of dust removal device, in the particulate emissions to the atmosphere before removal, in order to alleviate the pollution of the atmosphere.
Two, sulfur oxides
The key point in the prevention and control of sulfur oxides is S02, which adopts desulfurization technology, such as fuel desulfurization, combustion desulfurization or flue gas desulfurization, and high chimney dilution.
Three, nitrogen oxides
Mainly for motor vehicles, boilers and industrial production, such as the discharge of N0- control. In motor vehicles and boiler exhaust, the main preventive measures, at this time, the installation of purification equipment for motor vehicles. For flue gas denitrification technology, generally can be divided into catalytic reduction, liquid absorption, adsorption and so on. The catalytic reduction denitrification unit is also adopted in the nitric acid tail gas of many large and medium-sized chemical fertilizer plants in china.
Four, other harmful gases
There are fluorine waste gas, organic waste gas and foul smell in the atmosphere environment. The absorption of fluorine waste gas mostly adopts absorption method, such as water absorption method, alkali absorption method, dry adsorption method, etc.. The organic waste gas and odor is very harmful to the atmospheric environment, and most of them are highly toxic or carcinogenic substances, generally using absorption, adsorption and other physical, physicochemical method and catalytic combustion and other chemical methods and biological treatment methods to deal with.
The vigorous development of the transportation industry has led to an increase in automobile exhaust emissions. Automobile exhaust contains NO- and CO, hydrocarbons and other harmful substances, these pollutants can cause photochemical reactions of photochemical smog in the environment, so we must take appropriate measures to control vehicle exhaust.