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VOCs harm great, blue environmental protection to help you solve the problem of exhaust emissions

With the increase of environmental pollution, now people hear the haze scared". This word haze is not novel, since ancient times has always been there, a lot of small particles in the air such as dust, the waves bring up foam, pollen belong to the molecular composition of the atmosphere when the haze, there are a large number of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants, they form sulfuric acid and sulfate, nitric acid and nitrate and organic matter will cause great harm to humans. Many studies now show that VOCs is an important prerequisite for the formation of PM2.5, and the production and application of solvent based coatings are an important source of VOCs. What's more, VOCs is toxic and can be less harmful to the human body, which is irritating or corrosive to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. The more serious is the destruction of the human nervous system, affecting our nervous system, liver, kidney, stomach organs. The most serious is carcinogenicity. In addition, the chemical substances of VOCs and atmospheric environment in the reaction, the formation of photochemical smog smoke harm should not be underestimated. VOCs emissions into the upper air and ozone react to form ozone holes that increase ultraviolet radiation. VOCs emissions in the near ground discharge may form ozone, ozone near the ground is harmful to human health, so VOCs emissions, whether near the ground or high altitude, is very bad thing. Because of these substances have a great impact on people's lives, so all over the country (particularly active in Guangdong) are calling for restriction / prohibition of the production and use of solvent based coatings. Take Guangdong region, this year began to have Dongguan, Huizhou, Shenzhen and other places began to implement solvent coating control measures. VOCs harm great, blue environmental protection to help you solve the problem of exhaust emissions, factory direct marketing, free design, EIA package standards! Environmental protection - professional waste gas treatment equipment manufacturers! With our strength to add points to the environment, with our quality to customer satisfaction, with our service, so that customers worry! Advisory Tel: 18550090162 Click to understand the waste gas treatment equipment