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Shanghai's new regulations impose penalties on emissions

The air pollution is more and more serious, the disclosure of the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau recently, Shanghai formally introduced the "unorganized emissions (dust) environmental administrative law enforcement procedures". "Regulations" clearly "behavior penalty" throughout it. This means that the relevant departments as long as the discovery of "non organized emission behavior", whether or not there is excessive or other environmental consequences, as long as the act occurred, you can be punished according to law. Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau introduced, this provision improves the operability of environmental administrative law enforcement, and is conducive to strengthening the punishment of environmental violations. At the same time, "Regulations" also made strict demands on environmental enforcement procedures, evidence collection and so on. The environmental protection department after investigation, according to the decision given administrative punishment, it shall make the decision of administrative punishment; administrative punishment should follow the general procedure of punishment, the larger the amount of fines, shall perform the hearing procedures, have legitimate rights the right to know, the right to a statement of defense security management object in the investigation activities in the. Said the Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Environmental Monitoring Corps and the Jinshan District environmental monitoring detachment of Jinshan District has combined emissions of volatile organic compounds in the enterprise special spot checks, two involving the fugitive emission of enterprises, was then asked to immediately stop production and emissions, and for investigation. The Bureau said that this was the first application of environmental regulations in environmental law enforcement issued by Shanghai municipality. New regulations for environmental law enforcement officers, many of a strong law enforcement basis, and later spot checks, inspectors, environmental problems, more detailed understanding of the sewage situation of enterprises. Will no longer encounter corporate violence, anti law, escape inspection incidents! It is reported that the exhaust gas (dust) fugitive emission generally refers to air pollutants without irregular discharge collection processing and exhaust system, and not law mainly from the material leakage and evaporation in the air or dissipation caused by the emissions, as well as the material mixing, spraying, open storage, cutting, crushing, transportation etc.. As the air pollution control work unceasingly thorough, the total emissions of smoke and dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other conventional air pollutants continued to decline, the organic emission from the petrochemical, industrial coating, packaging and printing, coating production and other industries, has become the main volatile organic compounds emissions of air pollution in Shanghai, and these industries without discharge in the production process is a key and difficult problem in air pollution control. Taking petrochemical industry as an example, the organic emissions from the equipment leakage, storage tank volatilization and waste water system volatilization are about 40% to 60% of the total emission of organic waste gas in the enterprise. Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau according to the "Shanghai Air Pollution Control Ordinance" relevant laws and regulations, formulated the "Shanghai City unorganized emissions (dust) environmental administrative law enforcement rules", in order to quickly and effectively control the fugitive emission. It is reported that, in order to ensure enterprises rectification in place, "standard" environmental protection departments in order to correct clear deadline illegal enterprises (including the immediate rectification and rectification within a prescribed period of time) within ten working days from the date of expiry of the correction, conduct on-site review, to refuse to correct, in accordance with the provisions of the consecutive daily fines, the sewage disposal units or individual to implement continuous daily punishment according to law. The regulations on atmospheric pollution enterprises concealed behavior severely hit, in the foreseeable future can give Shanghai a blue sky. Public complaints about environmental pollution may be less and less.