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Jiangsu Environmental Protection Bureau strictly enforce the law, chemical companies were forced to shut down

2015 7 and August, Changzhou Meng Da Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. because of excessive concentrations of odor and can not be scheduled rectification in place, the implementation of "day by day penalty", the total amount of fines of 2 million 240 thousand yuan. Under the high pressure situation of environmental law enforcement, the company finally chose to stop production and shut down. "Polluting enterprises do subtraction, green development can do addition."! The determination to declare war on pollution is first manifested in strict law enforcement." Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau Director Chen Mengmeng told reporters, 2015 is the history of the most stringent implementation of the new environmental law first, Jiangsu environmental protection system, unprecedented efforts to actively promote the "strict law enforcement action, a number of new gives the integrated use of new environmental laws, to the province's green development escort.
Ultra routine, strict supervision and transfer,
Run through a "real" word
On January 5th, at two p. m., Wu Xiaoping, the Taixing environmental protection bureau chief, came with reporters to branch Chemical Co., Ltd., and general manager Su Yongqiang hurried over from another field.
"I didn't enjoy this kind of treatment before."!" Wu Xiaoping said with a smile. In fact, when he checked the enterprise two years ago, he clashed with the general manager on the spot. But in Taixing Environmental Protection Bureau crazy "day night" under high pressure, which has repeatedly been complained of the enterprise, comprehensive rectification to resolve the environmental crisis, by restructuring premium French company, now Su Yongqiang's attitude of environmental protection staff has also undergone a big reversal.
"Daily check, do some unconventional. However, there are special background, Taixing Chemical Industry Park accounted for 60% of the city's total economic output, the people complained once very strong." The EPA has decided to reduce pollution and complaints through unconventional enforcement actions, Wu Xiaoping said. Adhere to more than two years, the effect is very obvious.
In fact, in order to ensure the "law enforcement", our province has developed several policy initiatives: the provincial government issued "opinions" on the strengthening of environmental supervision and law enforcement; the provincial government office jointly issued the "guidance" to establish a grid environment supervision system; Provincial Environmental Protection Department of Taiwan "environmental Protection Interim Measures" interviews. Of the 62 cities and counties to carry out environmental monitoring inspection, notification list, one by one, one by one rectification and urge local sales; provincial environmental protection and public security departments jointly issued to strengthen environmental law enforcement coordination 21......
From the distribution of South of Jiangsu, Jiangsu, Jiangsu and Northern Jiangsu three inspection centers around the strict supervision, is our province to ensure "true law enforcement" a major innovation initiatives. Provincial Environmental Protection Office, director of the Central Soviet Union Dai Mingzhong introduced, in 2015, they adopted "list style" supervision, supervision and investigation of environmental law cases 106 cases, and the previous year's data is 46.
Suspected of crimes, environmental protection actively transfer, public security investigation without mercy. Last year, the province's public security departments were investigated for 207 cases of Environmental Pollution Crimes (139 in the same period last year), an increase of 49%, and arrested 425 suspects.
Full use of the new environmental law gives new tools,
Reflect a "strict" word
2015, the Changzhou Environmental Protection Bureau of the "special steel" two times to start "daily punishment", the total amount of 4 million 100 thousand yuan penalty, the province's individual enterprises hit the most punishment!
According to the old environmental protection law, the enterprise environmental violations "can not two penalty", the maximum fine is only 100 thousand yuan. The new environmental law clearly 5 kinds of illegal acts of sewage can be the implementation of the "daily penalty", namely "from the written decision ordered to correct illegal polluters from the date of the review to the competent department of environmental protection found illegal discharge of pollutants behavior date" during this period, the environmental protection department of illegal enterprises to implement continuous punishment.
In January 2015, the Chinese cement plant in Nanjing, due to tampering with data fraud, the relevant person in charge of administrative detention, which is responsible for environmental protection enterprises in Nanjing, because the environmental law has been "administrative detention" in the first case.
Before the implementation of the new environmental protection law, unless the crime constitutes a crime, the penalties for the environmental law firms are generally aimed at the enterprise, but there is nothing to say about the "people". And many enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises, often exist "not afraid of fines" mentality. The new environmental protection law clearly enables the implementation of administrative detention of the "people", resulting in no small shock.
"In 2015, we stressed the need to take full advantage of the new law enforcement measures given by the new law, and the effect was obvious!" Changzhou Environmental Protection Bureau Wu Qiming said that in 2015, the number of environmental law violations in Changzhou and the amount of penalties are ranked first in the province. According to the relevant person in charge of the provincial Environmental Supervision Bureau, in 2015, the province used the new environmental protection law supporting measures to investigate and deal with 875 cases of environmental law. From the type of case, the "daily count penalty" 97 (penalty amount of 46 million 420 thousand yuan), "seizure, seizure" 362, "limit production" 340, "transferred to administrative detention" 76.
Both gold and silver to more beautiful scenery,
Highlight a "more" word
Both gold and silver to more beautiful scenery, easier said than done. Especially when both sides have to choose the side of the station, the government's decision is quite difficult.
In 2003 approved a factory with an annual output of 50 thousand Taiwan Yueda automobile passenger car project, Yancheng is an important economic growth point, but once because of emissions and even complaints. In order to solve the problem, the Yancheng City government has invested about 450 million yuan, the relocation of the health protection distance of households; in November 2015, according to government requirements, concentrated RTO a total investment of 65 million 100 thousand yuan of incinerator system was put into operation in the enterprise, realizes the standard emission of exhaust gas. Since then, the number of letters and visits to the factory declined to zero!
In the face of "dilemma", the Yancheng municipal government in recent years almost will vote for the green mountains and rivers". Kungfu has no white flowers. 2015, Yancheng air quality improved, comprehensive pollution index, PM2.5 concentration, the proportion of good days, three major indicators ranked first in the province, and become the province's only PM2.5 concentration of less than 50 micrograms of the city.
In August 2015, as the country's famous stainless steel production base, Xinghua Dainan town by the provincial Environmental Protection Office "regional limited batch" two years later, finally lifted. Regional limited batch is considered to be the "killer" of the environmental protection department, which is undoubtedly a severe blow to Dai nan. What is worse is that the rectification effect has not been approved for one year, and the limited approval has been postponed for one year.
"Two limited batch", the role is great!" Director of Environmental Protection Bureau Jiang Buxiang introduced Dai Zhen, the original 279 pickling Dainan town enterprise, because of backward equipment seriously affect the environment. In the past two years, the town down more than 200, the remaining 79 will restructure into a. The entire process of monitoring the new enterprise, the new sludge has all harmless treatment.
Reporters noted that in 2015, the province's economy steady progress under the background of 4 binding emission reduction targets, the unit GDP energy consumption and water consumption are expected to exceed the national task; at the same time, the province's air quality improvement in water environment is stable, the new 13 cities and counties through the national ecological counties assessment and acceptance of the "land of plenty", the green background is more and more bright......