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The next four years, plans to release 800 environmental standards, covering three major areas of water and soil

According to the Ministry website news, the Ministry recently issued the "national environmental protection standard" 13th Five-Year "development plan". "Planning" pointed out that the overall objective of "13th Five-Year" period is to vigorously promote the revision of the standard. Around the sewage permits and water, the atmosphere, soil and other environmental management center work, increase research projects to promote efforts to amend and set a number of key standards. The Ministry of environmental protection recently issued the "national environmental protection standard" 13th Five-Year "development plan". According to the plan, "13th Five-Year" period, the Ministry of environmental protection to promote about 900 environmental standards revision work. At the same time, will release about 800 environmental standards, including the quality standards and pollutant discharge (control) standard of about 100, about 400 kinds of environmental monitoring standards, basic standards and environmental management standard standard about 300, support the key work environment management. According to reports, as of the "end of 12th Five-Year", the cumulative release of national environmental protection standards 1941 (of which 493 items issued during the 12th Five-Year), the abolition of standards 244, the current standard 1697. In the current environmental protection standards, the environmental quality standards 16 items, pollutant discharge (control) standards 161, environmental monitoring standards 1001, management standards category 481, environmental basic standards 38. In order to meet the needs of environmental protection standards, since 11th Five-Year, more than 1800 environmental protection standards have been revised and completed, and 1128 items have been issued. About 600 other projects have not yet been completed. The future, the revision of water rustic environmental quality standard has a corresponding plan. In the aspect of soil, the aim is to protect human health and ecological environment, and to take risk assessment as a means to further improve the control index of toxic and harmful substances, and to establish a standard system for soil environmental quality protection. Implementation of the "soil ten" requirements, by the end of 2017 issued agricultural land and construction sites soil environmental quality standards. Continue to push water quality standards revised. According to the situation of China's River Basin and the latest research results, revised the surface water environmental quality standards, improve the function of the corresponding water and the corresponding water quality requirements, clear objectives, protect the environment quality, strengthen environmental risk prevention. The revised standards for marine water quality will be issued, and the ecological environment quality evaluation standards for coastal waters will be issued, which will reflect the present situation and trend of water environment quality. In terms of ambient air quality and noise control, the implementation of the 2012 edition of ambient air quality standards will be evaluated and revised, and guidelines for the evaluation of air quality in passenger cars will be revised. Track the implementation of the 2008 edition of "sound environmental quality standards"; the standard of environmental noise around the aircraft to determine the reasonable amendments to the airport, the airport noise evaluation and control level, to strengthen the area around the airport environmental noise management planning and control. To revise the standard of regional environmental vibration in the city, to enlarge the standard applicable area and to adopt the latest international power right curve to objectively reflect the influence of environmental vibration on human health. Pollutant emission standards on improving environmental quality, environmental risk prevention is very important for the development of water, air, solid waste and standard revision, will implement the action plan for pollution prevention in the corresponding requirements, focusing on key areas, formulate the relevant priority pollutant emission and control standards. [source: People's daily] Environmental protection - professional waste gas treatment equipment manufacturers! With our strength to add points to the environment, with our quality to customer satisfaction, with our service, so that customers worry! Advisory Tel: 18550090162 Click to understand the waste gas treatment equipment