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Mobile:    +86 18550090162

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Suzhou Yunlan environmental protection science and technology limited company is a collection of waste gas treatment equipment, waste gas purification equipment, organic waste gas treatment equipment, industrial waste gas treatment equipment, high-tech industrial company scientific research, design, production, sales, installation as one of the main production and operation of light catalytic oxygen plasma waste gas treatment equipment, waste gas treatment equipment, light from the composite waste gas treatment equipment, RCO equipment, RTO catalytic combustion regenerative incinerator, activated carbon adsorption device, washing tower, factory direct sales, gas treatment equipment, reasonable price, has 114 patents for industrial waste gas treatment, can free on-the-spot investigation and design! Yun LAN environmental protection for you to provide comprehensive integrated service, no longer for EIA upset! In the strategic policy of "safe, efficient, economical and suitable" under the blue rhyme company based on the self-developed core technology, fully absorb the essence of advanced technology at home and abroad, in the high-tech industry and equipment localization process, closely rely on the professional development of the design team, production and installation team and customer service service team constantly technical improvement, improve product performance, the company formed a unique "practice accumulation, technological innovation, the development mode of rolling development, leading the industry".

Suzhou Yunlan Environmental Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2013, registered capital of 10 million, engaged in waste gas treatment equipment and waste gas treatment project construction of more than ten years, in 2013 began to establish their own research and production base of air pollution control. Is a commitment to air pollution control of a comprehensive, high-tech enterprises. The company has 150 employees, professional and technical personnel of the total number of workers 40%, 2 senior engineers, 8 engineers, 4 technicians have the secondary level, environmental engineering design qualification, environmental engineering contractor qualification and operation qualification of environmental protection facilities. And through the ISO9001, ISO14001 management system and many other certification.

Companies rely on product design unique, excellent operation and handling, as well as timely and effective after-sales service, in the same industry competition has won the unanimous praise and praise of customers.